Canterbury West Coast Emergency Care Co-ordination Team aims:

to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved for people needing to access emergency health services, no matter where the health emergency occurs.

From our small beginnings in 2001 the Canterbury West Coast ECCT continues to develop and goes from strength to strength

The Canterbury West Coast ECCT region provides pre hospital emergency care to a very large and geographically diverse area, spanning an area north of the Waitaki River to the south and bounded by the north coast of the South Island.

The population is spread throughout all sizes of urban settlement, rural and isolated rural areas. Emergency care provision in the region must account for the challenges the geography and variable weather patterns the region presents.

The Canterbury West Coast region of ECCT overlaps with the Central ECCT region, in the Nelson/Marlborough area, due to some pre hospital emergency care situations referring back to Christchurch as the main regional tertiary hospital. This is a unique situation for ECCT’s in New Zealand and as a result, there is some overlap in representation with members contributing to Canterbury/West Coast and Central ECCT committees.

Canterbury West Coast ECCT is a clinical network group across all pre-hospital and in-hospital emergency services, including emergency planning

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Geographical breakdown of the Canterbury / West coast ECCT


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Implementing Roadside to Bedside: A 24hr clinically integrated Acute Management System for NZ.