About ECCT

The Emergency Ambulance Communication Centre (111) is contacted about a major car accident in a remote area.  The centre dispatches Police, Fire, Ambulance, or Helicopter.  A St John Ambulance Paramedic, Primary Response in Medical Emergency (PRIME) Nurse, Doctor, Policeman, and Fireman attend the scene.  The trauma patient is transported by Ambulance or Helicopter to either a Hospital or a General Practitioners practice.  The patient is attended to by the Trauma team in the Emergency Department.

Imagine the logistics with personnel, environment, equipment, systems and facilities!  Does the emergency ambulance communication centre send a Helicopter or an Ambulance?  Who’s on the scene first?  What Hospital does the patient need to go to?  Does the road need to be closed?  Who makes the decisions?  When you are dealing with a life or death situation it’s important that all key-players work together.

The Emergency Care Co-ordination Team (ECCT) is a clinical network group that works across all pre-hospital and in-hospital emergency services to help resolve these challenges.  ECCT aims to ensure the patient receives the right care, at the right time, in the right place and from the right person.  The focus is to share knowledge and build relationships to provide a coordinated response for the patient.  An example is addressing issues relating to inter-hospital transfer of patients by air ambulance.  The team works together to provide a patient-focused, seamless service which will enable all New Zealanders to gain timely and appropriate access to emergency services required to manage:


  • Trauma
  • Medical and surgical emergencies
  • Complicated births