ECCT  Committees

National Committee

Nationally, the combined chairpersons and co-ordinators of ECCT meet bi-annually to address national ECCT issues from a governance and lobbying perspective.  Issues raised at these meetings are then championed by respective Chairs to key groups within the sector, aiming to provide a cohesive view of the wider New Zealand ECCT membership.


Canterbury West Coast Executive Committee

The  Executive committee meets at the start of the year to develop the regional Emergency Services Annual Plan.  The plan includes details of proposed ECCT activities and objectives for the next financial year, including teleconferences, meetings, external audits, consultations, or workshops/conferences planned.  The draft plan is then discussed and assessed at the next ECCT AGM and a final copy is developed and sent to MoH and NASO.  The executive committee also discusses and reviews the achievements for the year, ECCT Executive Terms of Reference, ECCT Committee membership, Finance and General Business.


Canterbury West Coast Regional Committee

The Canterbury West Coast (including representation from Nelson/Marlborough) ECCT Committee was formed in August 2001.  Regional meetings are held quarterly for a full day, allowing time for a general meeting, guest speakers, and special project input.